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El Barril Menu
El Barril is a multi purpose venue located in the heart of San Juanís central district, Condado.

El Barril is the sister tasca of Bar Gitano, located next door to El Barril on Ashford Ave. in Condado across from the Marriot Hotel. It is first and foremost a locals restaurant & bar with an ample selection of comfort food designed for enjoyment with groups of friends. El Barril has a 28ft bar, several options for group seating & high top tables for two. We offer 2 large screen TVís for sporting events, top quality music mixing booth for visiting DJís & a wide variety of live music.

El Barril can also be rented out for corporate events with hookups for PowerPoint presentations piped directly to plasmas, group parties with resident DJís to help with music selection and limitless options for all types of special events. We have a full service kitchen and can assist in choosing the right menu for your group.

El Barril is part of Out of this World Restaurants, the group that has brought Budatai and Bar Gitano to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Live Good @ El Barril!

1302 Ashford Ave,
Valet Parking available


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